M247 Mule

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How do I know if my engine is in time?

STEP 1: Remove spark plugs and find 28* & 18* (see pic) on belt schroud

Bill Watson

Turn fan drive pulley clockwise(much smoother and precise using a crescent wrench)

See Pic

Bill Watson

If you hear the magneto click in the area shown in the first Pic you are OK.

If you do not hear clicking in this area then proceed to STEP2.

Step2: Remove the top engine schroud

Step3: Remove the spark plug wires from the magneto

Step4: Remove governor and turn engine "clockwise" until you see a "V" on the large gear. STOP at this point.

Step5: Remove magneto from engine. Holding magneto in left hand, rotate magneto drive gear "clockwise" untill you hear a click.

Step6: Insert magneto back into engine (see pic 4) for proper place to insert magneto into large gear.

Bill Watson

Rotate fan drive pulley clockwise (see first pic) and rotate magneto in engine until magneto "clicks"